Popzup Popcorn is a craft popcorn company with a mission to create a healthy snack that’s better for consumers & the environment. Our mission includes closing the environmental loop on our popcorn snacks by using only pure & simple ingredients that are at least 50% sourced within our local community and 100% within the eastern United States. We are grateful to our employees who all live locally, deeply care about the popcorn they make, and give back to our wonderful community.

pure & simple.
non-gmo & gluten free.

Happy customers
with earth friendly products.

popzup popcorn bags. Cheesie herbie, maple cinnamon toast and butter me up
popzup's hand popped & seasoned popcorn

"Addictive" - Matt B.

plenty to share with friends

Popped with love, in small batches by hand with better-for-you ingredients

pure & simple

Like Real Butter & Sea Salt, Sweet Sriracha Chili, Applewood Maple Smoked, and more...

Popzup popper

One Popzup Popper pops 12 large boxes of hot, fresh, and delicious popcorn without chemicals or plastic.

pops 12 large bowls
Popzup Popper
The Popzup Popper is the safe, totally new way to microwave popcorn without chemicals or plastic.
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popzup k-pouches
Comes with seven 2.5 ounce popcorn kernel pouches. Convenient for Stove Top, or Hot Air Popping, or refills for your Popzup Popper.
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The perfect healthy and delicious Gift!

The Popzup Movie Time Popcorn Box Kit comes with a Popzup Popper and a jar of Popzup Real Butter a& Sea Salt seasoning.

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Steve Bauer loves popzup

He is known for his role as Manny Ribera in the 1983 film Scarface, as Don Eladio in the AMC drama series Breaking Bad, and Avi in Ray Donovan.

what people are saying

“Fantastic product and made in Dover, NH. I LOVE IT!!! Sooo yummy”

Amy Martin

“Oh my - just opened the Butter Me Up, Carla and I think you (Popzup) can take over the world with these. I think my favorite is the Maple Cinnamon Toast - It’s all so amazing and addictive. I want to spend all my money on this popcorn. Yikes!”

Douglas Higgins

I've been on the prowl for a new micro popcorn for weeks now; imagine my surprise to see a display at Hannaford's this morning! Cool, convenient way to micro pop, and the reduced waste is well appreciated. I've long been a Quinn customer, but after this batch that I've just munched on, I'm yours

Jean Eno

“Best Popcorn Ever!”

Karen Lenhart

“It truly is a great product. I eat a lot of popcorn and this by far is the best.”

Sandy Monroe

“Excellent product! Tastes great and free of harmful chemicals. I continually buy this product for my family, and it also makes a great gift. The company’s customer service is outstanding. Thanks for making such a great product.”

Kristen Jury Prachar

“Best popcorn around! Trying to stay away from chemicals and GMO’s, so it’s perfect for my family. Much better than the pre-bagged I’ve tried and nice to change up the flavors. My son loves maple, I like the vegan cheese.”

Elizabeth Shienbrood

Meet the Farmers

backyard chickens

Our girls love popzup popcorn

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