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Being a popcorn addict, I purchased the Popzup at the Made in NH Expo at the Center of NH in Manchester.  I have to admit, I was a skeptic.  But after one use,  I think it’s ingenious and deserves to be on Shark Tank!

I will never pop popcorn any other way. Best purchase at the Expo!

-Judy Bass, NH

“WowZup!!! Bought it…..Got it…..Tried it……LOVE IT!!!!!!!”

-Paul Rogstad, Applegate CA 

“Tried the Popzup Popper, and guess what? It works! amazing.” 

-Tomie dePaola, Children’s Book Illustrator, New London NH 

“We recently purchased your product at a farmer’s market and love your popcorn.  We have always popped our own popcorn, but have to load it with butter and salt because it tasted like styrofoam.  Your popcorn needs nothing.  I love that it is non GMO.  Until recently I hadn’t realized that most corn products are GMO.

Bottom line is we will never purchase anything but your popcorn and we will spread the word to our friends.  Also love the popping container.” 

-Brenda and David Gibson, Concord NH

“Sooo good! I’ve used it 3 times now, such a good product.”

-Rose Dow, Kittery ME 

“That (Popzup Popcorn) is the best popcorn we’ve ever had! Best crunch ever! Love the sea salt crystals. We are into cooking and haven’t used that type before. Perfect! Good job overall. Innovative. So much healthier. Great advertising with video and website.”

-Marilyn Holway, Puyallup WA 

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for my Popup Popper! It is an amazing product and I will recommend it to everyone I know. I love how easy it is to use, and great for the planet and popcorn eaters everywhere!

-Stefanie Schmidt, Las Vegas NV

“My Dad loves popcorn so I bought one for him several weeks ago, he loves it so much that I want to buy one for myself”.

-Eric, Portsmouth NH 

ENTER Popzup Popper and our lives are changed! Natural and tasty.   It’s delicious!   I could go on and on, BUT just buy some!   You’ll not eat the ‘other’ again!  

I love my Popzup Popper! Dee-lishous!

Many thanks to Julie and Marty for starting up this great offering!”

-Judy Vardamis, Auburn ME 

“Tastes amazing with nothing even on it.”

-Jim, Dover NH 

“We are so excited about the popper.. as it takes up just as much space as a box of microwave popcorn but gives us popcorn like an appliance!”

-Sophia, Sunnyvale CA