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This Friends & Partners page is dedicated to all the great people who share our core values.


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Reist Popcorn Company is the exclusive supplier of popcorn kernels for our Popzup Poppers. We are excited to have partnered with the greatest popcorn growers and processors in the USA.


Doug Johnson and his team at Galaxy61 are professional animators who can bring absolutely anything to life.

Positive Health Wellness Logo

The website for those of us who look for the information they need to live a more positive, healthier and happier life.

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Our friends at Sweet Scoops are on a mission to inspire joy by making the creamiest, most indulgent frozen yogurt on the planet. Check out fan favorites like Candied Ginger and Minty Chip, or something new that Louise, Brian & Brigid have conjured up, like Peanut Butter Bliss or Java Jolt!


Tom and Lois White are founders and resident artists at the sophisticated and always exciting Exhibit No.9,  gallery and studio for contemporary art in Asbury Park.


Manufacturers of delicious, nutritious, all-natural whole grain cereals. Great Heart Granola, is low-fat, heart healthy, and has no added oil.  American Muesli is our recently introduced line of muesli.  It’s a blend of traditional European style muesli and crunchy granola.  Healthy never tasted so good!


Tridenti Works is owned and operated by Mike Tridenti, a New England based videographer/editor specializing in digital media creation.


From websites to mobile applications, and from there to cloud projects, we are here to help your company grow. Located in Methuen, Massachusetts we are ready to help you build your brand.

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